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Dr. Vali literally wrote the books on how leaders need to balance business and emotions to protect the bottom line and their sanity!

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From daily annoyances to catastrophic incidents, what keeps you (and your employees) up at night?


How to take care of themselves and the full range of human emotions of people while protecting the bottom line.


Emotional Continuity Resiliency Coaching

Leaders that implement a system of Emotional Continuity Management© find that they…

Transform the culture from the inside AND survive and grow with their soul intact!

 ImproVizion’s consulting, confidential executive coaching, keynotes, assessment tools, workshops, books and trainings have transformed workplace cultures into more mindful and profitable workplaces since 2001. Emotional Continuity Trainings have been taught in large corporations and small businesses, in faith communities and medical schools, in the finance, hi tech, private and government agencies, art, gaming, transportation, education and psychology industries, and through individual coaching sessions. Client list and references are available.

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