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Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell, Owner of ImproVizion Consulting, is well published in literary, arts, and professional journals and an award-winning artist. As a Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Employee Assistance Professional, DIsaster Trauma specialist, she is Co-Owner of Employee Assistance of the Pacific and ImproVizion Consulting in Honolulu, Hawaii and holds a PhD in Health Education, a Master's degree in Psychology, and another Master's degree in Expressive Arts. She is the author of several published books, flash fiction, and poetry.

Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell is the author of several books, including #WeAreManyWomen: Many Voices, Dr. Vali's Survival Guide: Tips for the Journey, The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace: Emotional Terrorists, and Emotional Terrors in the Workplace, as well as several ebooks on Resiliency and Well-Being.Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell has authored several published Flash Fiction works.Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell has written and published a variety of Poetry.

Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell's writing resume included the books she has authored, flash fiction and poetry, and a variety of professional articles.