improvizion endorsements

“Dr. Vali is inspiring creative and fun! Her knowledge base of practical approaches to transforming difficult situations in home, work and culturally sensitive issues is phenomenal. I highly recommend her work.”

Satya Ambrose LAc, ND President Chitari Collaborative, co- founder Oregon College of Oriental medicine.

“Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell was my personal coach for a period of time.  I had known other coaches whom I considered to be good at what they did.  But Dr. Vali went above and beyond.  The first thing that struck me was her professionalism and integrity.  She helped me feel that whatever I said, or whatever exchanges took place in her office, or over the phone was completely safe…she treated our exchanges as sacred and honored sharings that meant as much to her as they did to me.  I cherished that!

Sometimes professionalism can come across a little cold or stilted…but not with Dr. V!   She was warm and easy to talk with…not talk to, or be talked at, but talk with…like I would with a good friend or a loved one.  She has a great sense of humor coupled with a deep compassion that made our sessions fun and exciting.  Part of the excitement was her ability to come up with creative and out-of-the-box suggestions.  Her viewpoints were fresh and different.  She helped me feel like I was the creative one, coming up with new ideas, but it was her promptings that took me there.  She helped pull creative solutions out of myself because of her creativity.  

If anyone is looking for a personal or business coach…this is the woman!  I HIGHLY recommend, in fact, encourage anyone to give her a call to see where she can help you in your life.  Her breadth of experience in various aspects of life and business is incredible.  She is like a shaman, an artist, and a magician all wrapped into one package…fearlessly willing to take you on a journey and safely bringing you home.  If you want to have a consciousness-opening experience, and go to the next level of your life or business…contact Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell at www.improVizionconsulting.com…that’s improVizion with a capital “V” and a “z” …see, I told you she was creative!”

 Kerry Kelly, Kaneohe, Hawaii

“Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell wrote a timely book that helped me through a business problem that I was not prepared to handle.  I hired a young, pretty, smart young woman who had plenty of experience that made her seem like an ideal employee. She was fast, contributed with good ideas, and the customers loved her. I had a chance to meet her live-in boyfriend who came across as nice, educated, polite and sweet.  They made a darling couple…until their personal life began to wreak havoc on my business.  He was an abuser and she was an emotional basket-case.  At first I had plenty of empathy and was supportive…giving her some time off to recover from a bad weekend.  I thought, based on her comments, that they had pulled it together…but the abuse began again, almost immediately.  It was starting to spill over into my business with him showing up and making demands on her during work hours, and her wanting to be on the phone with him trying to patch things up.  Other employees, who worked with her only one day a week began to complain about the ‘drama’.  It was taking a toll on my whole business…even some customers noticed that something was amiss.  After reading Dr Vali’s book, I got a clear picture of how this situation was equivalent to workplace terrorism…something I had never heard of before, but was certainly experiencing!  I knew I had to make a change, even though I liked this young woman, and she did great work 95% of the time…the other 5% was not worth keeping her on.  I let her go to save my sanity, the other employees and ultimately my bottom-line.

I learned through this book that firing people is not always the solution, there are other ways to solve emotional issues in a work environment, but in my case, in a very small business of only a few employees, that seemed to be the best solution.  In the end, everyone came out a winner, as being let go also prompted this person to examine her life…she ended up letting her partner go.  I have heard that her life has greatly improved.

Thanks to Dr Vali’s book, “The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace…”. I gained insight into what was could potentially happen to my business if this situation continued. Thank you to Dr. Vali Mitchell Hawkins for her expertise and the guidance offered from which even a small business like mine could benefit.”

Kaylyn Jenkins, Restaurant Owner, Honolulu, Hawaii

“I first heard Dr. Vali speak at the Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council (EPICC) conference in Vancouver.  She captivated the audience with her knowledge, passion, and humour and I was fortunate to meet her later in the hotel lobby.  I was blessed to have the next hour sharing thoughts and ideas for delivering our passion for improving organisational emergency preparedness.  Her book, “Emotional Terrors in the Workplace” is not only for emergency planners – it is a must read for business owners, managers, and anyone dealing with the public or staff.”

Fred Hoenisch, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planner
Victoria, British Columbia

“Dr. Vali has evolved from a “good speaker” to a phenomenal speaker!!!”

Robbie Atabaigi, MBCP, ITIL Foundation

“I found the article in Disaster Recovery Journal, Fall 2008, Personal Planning, ‘Creating a Go Bag,’ by Dr. Mitchell an outstanding and simple action step for personal preparedness. The approach of getting someone to move from intention to action is clearly articulated. We plan to use the article in our public education campaign for personal, employee and family preparedness.”

Joe Huden, HLS Planner,City of Everett,Everett Emergency Management

“Have you ever spent an afternoon wondering what it was you might have done wrong? How could you have planned more effectively; prevented the miss-perception; corrected something that may have never been incorrect. If you’ve ever been left wondering which direction that freight train might be coming from again, you may want to look up Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell. Dr. Vali is the eraser that can help you make this type of emotional terror disappear or at least allow you to live through it successfully. I know. It appears she has a fascination understanding the dark side of those who would disrupt and dismantle the organization and order that is required to engage and become successful in the current business atmosphere. While in my career (of many years) I had never come across this variant of sycophant (in more ways than one), Dr. Vali assured me that I was not the sick one. I would say that she had a bedside manner, but visiting with her is such a casual affair. She almost elfishly (and I mean this with utmost respect) is able to bridge the pain of the issue and heal the emotional aspect. From the professional perspective I would offer that she is certainly capable and willing to address the cause of the pain in very well defined, explicitly executed project, comes with fine credentials and as you can see excellent references. But, it is her twinkle, wry grin and introspective analysis; her communication skills and her genuine manner in which she really makes a difference. I would recommend a lunch, an appointment, a walk, or even a phone call with this healer; they would all verify what I have sported above. It will really make it a better day for both of you!”

Deidrich E. Towne, Jr. CBCP, MBCI,
Forsythe Technology, Inc., Senior Consultant

“I wished I’d heard her years ago! Vali provided us with solid tools to deal with ’emotional terrorists’ in the workplace. She was energetic, focused and humorous, and was rated very highly by our participants.”

Laurie Pearce, Emergency Preparedness for Industry and
Commerce Council of British Columbia (EPICC)

“Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell empowered our group by presenting tools and techniques that enabled our employees to manage the stresses of contract transition. Her ability to customize her training to fit our individual needs was invaluable.”

Adam Banta, Accountant, Finance Group

“Vali Rocks! She gives ‘the Smile’ a whole new meaning.”

Wendi Finkbeiner Energy Northwest

“As one of the chairpersons on the Hanford Office Professional’s Committee, it was my suggestion to bring Dr. Vali in to speak to several hundred Administrative Professionals during a two day conference. I was extremely pleased when Dr. Vali, not only wowed the groups, she was the only speaker who ranked superior in the evaluation submitted by the attendees. The best way I can describe Dr. Vali is; she’s like a great movie, the kind you like to go home and talk about for weeks on end.”

Suzi Vitulli, Executive Secretary, Fluor Hanford

“This 2008 Professionals Workshop was one of the best workshops that I have attended…especially Dr. Vali is an excellent speaker who is knowledgeable and effective with her great sense of humor and experiences.”

Lucie Roberts Paging, Administration/Field Support Services

“Dr. Hawkins-Mitchell extensive research and own blend of expertise and clear perception of given situations provides management, and individuals, with competent tools to counter balance emotional terrorism. We’ve all dealt with them but few of us have successfully maneuvered around them, now we can.”

Cheryl Coppinger Phoenix, AZ, SHAM Inc.

“Dr. Vali’s book should be a part of every MBA, Business Management and Education Administration program.”

B. E. Bohart, Ed.D, Consultant, Futurist, Astoria, Oregon

“I recommend Dr. Vali’s book to anyone who is involved with crisis management, corporate executives and anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how emotions play such a big role in corporate life.”

Raymond Jean Vice President at Risk Watch, a Compliance and Risk Management Company, Connecticut

“Okay, I read a LOT of books. After all, I am a publisher – and I am the publisher of Vali Hawkins-Mitchell’s book, Emotional Terrors in the Workplace: Protecting Your Business’ Bottom Line–Emotional Continuity Management in the Workplace. As a publisher, I have to maintain a degree of objectivity about the manuscripts and books I read. Fortunately, I found it very hard to remain objective when I first read Vali’s manuscript which eventually became this book. Vali’s extensive use of anecdotes, case studies and examples makes this a tough book to put down. It seems like every case study was about someone or something I have run across in the course of my career – I could put a name on just about every one. What I found most fascinating was each time I would read a case study, identify it with a real individual and experience, and then read Vali’s guidance – ‘if only I had thought of that, I would have handled that idiot differently!’ Bottom line – this book was a pleasure to bring to market, and a worthwhile read for anyone who deals with people in the workplace who experience emotions – in other words, just about anybody you work with.”

P. J. Rothstein, Publisher (Brookfield, CT USA)