Announcing Dr. Vali’s Newest Book

Now Available from (print) and (ebook)

When women trust their intuition and listen to their authentic voices, they end the cycle of ceding authority to others. After counseling thousands of clients, I recognize that women and supportive men are often silenced in their own lives. #WeAreManyWomen: ManyVoices asks a question: If you were to listen to yourself, what would you hear? In sharing 52 reflections on what it means to be a multifaceted woman, the book encourages and inspires readers to discover their many voices and listen to them with no judgment. Compassion is born of understanding—and first we must understand ourselves. You are invited to use and share these 52 reflections as weekly meditations, theater events, workshops, or discussion groups. We need to move forward from #METOO and keep listening.


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