Coyote Memories

I have forgotten how to run under the moon spattered forest,
My foot being caught in the snare for so long.
I spent too much time trying to chew off my leg
And forgot the sound of my own song.

Owl created the perfect scene and I tried to rest.
Before I knew it I was in a trance twitching
And dream became nightmare and dream again
As longing to run became spirit itching

Now muscles dried and unused ache to remember
The way of the trees and desert wind dust.
So when I saw wolf on the beach and sang a death song with her
I challenged this sedentary rust.

Do you remember the song I once sang in music of my species?
Remind me how to leave this morbid pillow be
For paws to run, and face to sky, and howl to stars
Not caged, feral, or alone; just free.

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