Do Art Anyway!!! Sept 28, 2020

During the Covid19 lockdowns, which continue in Hawaii, finding creative ways to care for my own well-being and our over 200 corporate companies in the state, serving thousands of people trying to keep their jobs,  has demanded all my artistic skills and creative energies. For myself I’m taking online art and writing classes, published some flash-fiction, participated in an Exquisite  Corpse about Covid19  project with Maryhill Museum, ( written and painted. But more importantly I’ve had the joy of directing people who never would have considered doing anything creative to  start making art and writing poetry anyway. The simplistic art and meditative activities on my 52 Weeks of Resiliency ( has found many new subscribers. Finding art is part of finding ourselves. And it definitely doesn’t need to be anything you show to others. Resiliency and “therapeutic art” is done just for ourselves. You are NOT ever going to see my mixed media journals…they are total crap and totally my therapy!

Having responded to a number of national and international disasters, I know art helps. But my absolute favorite art intervention happened today. I instructed a group of hospice workers,  brave souls overwhelmed by their mission these days, how to make “yellow spirals” for their offices, homes, and cars. Happy yellow spirals…as reminders of the daily need to  rise up to light and joy, anyway. They were delighted! Sometimes it is the smallest and simplest “art” intervention that is the most enduring and endearing. Do Art Anyway!

Aloha for Now…stay safe, wear a mask ANYWAY.

Dr. Vali

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