dr. vali

Vali J. Hawkins Mitchell,


Author, Artist, Wife, Mom, Gramma, Friend, Dog Owner, Researcher, Musician, Spiritual Scholar, Whimsical Dreamer…or as my hubby says, “I’m all that, and a bag o’ chips”

I think what that means is that I’m constantly curious, growing, exploring, studying, and taking my mentors’ advice to reinvent myself on a regular basis.

Here are a few of my details:

I consider myself a writer and artist, therapist and coach. But here are some other things you might want to know.

I hold a Doctorate in Health Education, a Masters degree in Applied Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Expressive Art Therapy. I am a well-regarded public speaker and trainer, author, consultant and educator. My high evaluations tell me so.

I travel extensively training individuals and teams, private and government agencies, small private mom-n-pop companies and large corporations teaching the tools of Emotional Continuity Management.

For several years I have been an independent contractor for a company that holds a contract with the Department of Defense and traveled to multiple military bases for months at a time as a Military Life Consultant, working with all branches of the military.

I have worked as a trauma counselor and disaster mental health professional at many disasters, small and large, and try to offer critical insights on the real human factors of disaster and emergency planning based on my experiences with major events such as the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, Samoan earthquakes, Indonesian tsunami, and Pacific Northwest Wildfires. I am considered by many as the leading authority in the growing field of Emotional Continuity Management.

I teach medical students and coroners, nurses and physicians, alternative health providers and first responders, active military and other disaster professionals. Best work ever!

Academically, I have been adjunct faculty at a number of universities and colleges, including Washington State University, the World Medicine Institute, and Lane Community College. I have contributed original research in the areas of Psychosocial Dynamics of Families with Pediatric Illness, Tools of Trauma Management for Emergency Care and Health Care Delivery professionals, and the Use of Quantum Poetry for Trauma Management. I was trained by the National American Red Cross as a Disaster Mental Health provider and National Diversity Instructor, and have been consulting directly with military families and service members in all branches since 2007.

I received my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Eastern Washington University, in Cheney, Washington, and my PhD in Health Education from Walden University. I received my training in art therapy from the International University of Professional Services in Honolulu, Hawaii, graduating with a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy. I am a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, a Member of the International Expressive Arts Therapist Association, and a Washington and Hawaii State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am a certified MARI® practitioner and I am also a Certified Traumatologist through the Warren Institute in New York, New York.

Over the last twenty years, I have provided counseling, training, and consulting services to a wide scope of individuals, groups and corporations in the United States and Canada. My CV and references, client list and referrals are available upon request.

The author of The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace, Emotional Terrors in the Workplace: Protecting Your Bottom Line, Dr. Vali’s Survival Guide: Tips for the Journey, Preparing a Go-Bag, and a number of plays, musicals, Ebooks and children’s titles, I am also a performance musician and award winning artist.

The focus of my work is to help people address life issues through conversation, research, brainstorming, idea sharing, research, and use of the creative arts.

By a blending of internal resources, exploration of past-present-future, dreams, art, creativity, education, encouragement, support, laughter, tears, patience and strong nudges, clear guidance, and shared accountability, I expect clients work with me to find the best of their own lives.

The goal of life, I believe, is to move forward toward personal goals of authenticity and personal growth, accountability and creative joy. Consulting, coaching and counseling – as well as social issues writing, at its best – should lead clients to their own journey so they can arrive at the destination of their own custom-designed dreams.

I am dedicated to my own authenticity, awareness, consciousness development, health, healing and exploration into the mysteries of life. Every day is a gift – as challenge, lesson, or miracle – and I am devoted to paying attention to all of it.

Many consultants point out the errors of others without ever looking deeply into their own mirror. I promise that I have looked closely at my own reflection in order to feel as if I have any authentic credibility to offer ideas to you and your life. I can’t guarantee outcomes, but I can guarantee I will bring 100% to the moment.