Fire Safety… with Friday apologies

I know…it’s Friday and you def don’t want another stupid email…but, have to do it…Cuz’ ya know how I’m all the “GET YOUR GO-BAG READY” advocate, right? But right now, as I type this, I’m all MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER….LIKE GET ONE TODAY. There is a huge fire in my neighborhood in a very tall building right now, and I’m just wanting to make sure I have done my due diligence to share what little I know about how to stay safe.

If you live in a tall building, or travel and stay in a massive tall hotel, in the statistically off chance of a fire:

  • DON’T PANIC: Panic kills
  • AVOID SMOKE: Have (or travel with) a roll of duct tape to seal doors from smoke, use a wet towel to cover your face, stay low to the ground.
  • DO YOUR BEST: Get a bed mattress soaking wet in the shower and put it against a door to block off fire and heat and smoke while waiting for rescue.
  • USE EXITS: Avoid the elevator

Here are some other  articles with other ideas to consider:

After the recent London fire and right now, as I type, here, in my hood, RIGHT NOW, there is a Big Scary Fire  in a very tall condo…and it is hurting my heart and also reminded me to be PARANOID AS HELL for a while since I live in a big tall condo… and share these tips with ya’ll…..with hugs n’ smooches.

PS: There are also very inexpensive 2-3 story fire escape ladders on (just sayin’)

Never wanting to be Debbie Downer…but damn.  Sorry. Ya know? But I want people to stay safe!


Dr. Vali







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