Good News Bad News

Bad News: I haven’t kept up with my blog

Good News: I’ve been busy finishing writing 4 new books (Stay tuned for Announcements)

Bad News: Our condo is messy

Good News: Our little condo is messy because my hubby and I purchased a new business,,  and our 3 beloved grandchildren moved in with us and we’ve been busy working, swimming, going to art galleries and the zoo and the beach, and watching movies including all the Sharknado Movies (eeek)

Bad News: I haven’t been blogging or tweeting or using instagram and such because I’m not hardwired as a media expert

Good News: My 13-year-old granddaughter has offered to be my media manager

Bad News: It’s hurricane season again

Good News: We are pretty well prepared and (knock on wood) the storms have passed by so far

Bad News: There continue to be difficult challenges and tragedies in the news daily

Good News: Resiliency is something that can be learned and enhanced daily too

Good News: Resiliency, Mindfulness, and Well-Being practices are healthy approaches to life

Good News: Art-making practice of any kind increases Resiliency and Well-Being

Good News: Resiliency means we can stand up one more time after a challenge

Good News: Mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be elaborate, simply be present and aware of yourself and your surroundings

Good News: There is usually MORE good news than bad news on almost any given day

Good News: Life can be very hard and also amazing and miraculous. It’s all about perspective.

Good News: Today there probably will NOT be any “Sharknados” dropping flaming sharks into your swimming pool. See? It’s all about perspective!

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