Juggling Porcupines July 31, 2020

Re-starting from zero

Have you ever?

Nothing to say, or at least nothing clever.

The world is a hot mess

And I have a voice

So, I must write a blog

I’ve simply no choice.

Good Morning. I got up at dawn and had no idea what my mission was. Lost track of it during Covid19. Everything important to me had been kicked to the curb. Not in a big ugly crisis way, but just circumstantially. Restart. Where? Old or new. Well, today is new and this is now. I called a good pal who had recently risen from the curb herself and she showed me a couple of great dance steps to the new choreography de jour. She reminded me that I was an expert at juggling porcupines which made me laugh and reset the calibration for contribution. Reset is what we have to do now. Not go “back to what was” or “forward to what might be” but take a breath and reset your mission. What is your “why?” What do you love and still give a “F*&* about? Start there. The rest will follow. Probably not on your timetable, but it will. I had to put down my ego and ask for help today. And it came with love and laughter. And then I had to hang up the phone and do the work. One line at a time. One rhyme at a time. One piece of toast and a romp with the dog and then get back to it. Restart. Reboot.

Things are moving. My speed isn’t as important as my presence. I’m here. And after starting the day fresh out of F*&%…here I am. And there you are. Well done.

With Aloha

Dr. Vali

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