New book From Dr. Vali

I wanted to let you know that I have a new eBook on the market. You can find it, along with other titles, on my website (or on Amazon) The topics of Workplace Violence, Active Shooters, Bullies…are not topics most people want to be fluent in, but necessary in today’s world of unexpected events at work, malls, theaters, churches, schools and parades. As someone who isn’t pessimistic (I’m an optimist with experience and information) I encourage you to step up your learning curve with this, and any other seminars, workshops, reading, or mentoring you can get.  Remember, it isn’t paranoid to own a fire extinguisher and be prepared just in case of a fire…it is paranoid to run around with one under your arm yelling “fire, fire” all the time. Be smart and aware, not weird, about the possibility of violence. Become more prepared to respond and not just deny or react.  And then get on with your wonderful life.

Aloha for now, Dr. Vali


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