Plan for the Worst but Hope for the Best

“Fire Extinguisher Thinking” means you have planned for the worst, but you don’t carry the extinguisher around under your arm in fear of a fire 24/7/365.  You have a plan, you prepare and take care of what you can do, and move on with your life. After watching news this morning about the Texas flooding evacuations  it seemed like the right time to once again share some information on creating a Go-Bag. There are countless emergency preparation resources like the American Red Cross, City and County Emergency Management, and just google “Emergency Preparations” and you will find ample help in planning for the worst while hoping for the best. My article is just one more way to think about making a plan in case you have to evacuate quickly and a not too subtle “nudge” to those who say, “Yeah, I am planning on doing that, but haven’t gotten around to it…”

Dr. Vali’s Updated Go Bag Guide AUG 2017

Aloha for Now,

Dr. Vali

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