Poetry…Is it Great? Is it Art? Who cares?

Many people fear poetry. I understand. You had a bad experience with it in school. You don’t get it. You think it all has to rhyme. It’s all touchy-feely and weird and sort of creepy. I used to think that also. I got C’s in English in high school. But later, when teaching at college, one of my students gave me an article about how poetry heals and shared her medical discovery of using poetry to improve her health. It blew my mind so I began researching.  I ended up getting a PhD and another masters degree on the topic of writing for health, well-being, resiliency and trauma recovery.  And now I’ve written several poetry books and created a method of using Quantum Poetry for Healing. If only Mr. Gilmore (my High School English Teacher) knew me now!

Poetry, first of all doesn’t have to rhyme. Secondarily, you never have to share it with anyone for a grade. Poetry is simply your own feelings, observations, and opinions expressed. Some have a great capacity for writing and others don’t.  The good news, it doesn’t matter…AT ALL.  You do it for yourself. For example: You wake up and hear the birds in the trees and the rain is falling in loud splashes outside your window. You take a breath and enjoy the moment as your coffee is cooling and your dog it snoozing near your feet. Nice moment. Now, if you took that nice moment, and wrote it down, wouldn’t it be poetry?

I am awake.

The birds, singing their sweet songs in the trees

Make harmony with the rain splashing outside my window.

I breathe in the moment

As my coffee is cooling and the dog is snoring.

Both comfort me as I

Begin my day.

Ta Da!!!!  Poetry. Is it Great? Is it Art? Who cares??? It was fun! Try it. Write one of your moments.  Poetry expression is a writing mindfulness meditation practice that research has shown to increase resiliency, health, and well-being. I love writing and it helps me stay focused on my work instead of me. Is it great? Is it art? Who cares? Writing anything, especially poetry, keeps me focused so I can be present for others.  I have written during personal celebrations and tragedies; when I was happy, sad, furious, broken, mending, celebrating, or confused. Was it great? Was it art? Who cares?  It helped. Writing helps. Writing poetry creates a safe way to process feelings that allows the body and spirit to come to terms with the moment, no matter what that moment is about.  And that is what resiliency is all about. Coming to terms with our moments, no matter what they may hold.

Aloha for Now,  Dr. Vali

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