Primum non nocere: First do no harm

Primum non nocere: First do no harm

You know what a Bully is…and how they can create chaos and collateral damages. Just in case you want some help or want to clarify your language about the topic…please take a look at my recent book, Managers Guide to Workplace Bullies, in my website store, (

There’s also a new book of poetry and one on how poetry can help with resiliency.   Coming very soon will be my new eBook on Workplace Violence. And…to balance that out,  I’ll be posting an ongoing project called 52 Weeks of Wellbeing, a weekly blog to increase your personal resiliency and well-being through mindfulness and artmaking.

Because, no matter your opinion or position on current events, these are challenging times filled with positional anger, fear, entitlement, worry, concern, and other very strong emotions. Be mindful of your own choices and take your own pulse on a regular basis to see if you are responding or reacting, and then, if you are called to, take the action you determine is yours to take, making certain FIRST that it will cause no harm to yourself or others. Primum non nocere: First do no harm.  FIRST.

I am doing my best to follow my own advice.

With Aloha

Dr. Vali

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