Resiliency 4 Today: Dog Resiliency

Max is fine. We’re dog tired, but Max is fine. Just wanted his “fans” who were worried about him to be assured of his well being. Max, our caramel-colored, long-haired dachshund (who is apparently the center of our universe and beloved by strangers, friends, and family) had an epic transition to Hawaii. We just did the usual human insane hard work — psychotic stress and blithering fatigue of getting everything we own on a boat and then getting on a plane. But not Max: (1) First there were his shots and blood work that were sent to Kansas City and had to be approved months before he could fly; (2) then another shot; (3) another vet exam; (4) flea stuff that had to be applied by a state certified vet, although we had to purchase it ourselves at Petco and then watch the vet just squeeze the goo on his shoulder; (5) then he had to fly within ten to fourteen days of that application exactly; (6) he needed a special kennel; (7) he had to pass all state and federal government regulations; (8) he needed a new feeding system and had special ice frozen in his container so it would melt over time during his flight to keep him refreshed; (9) TSA and Agricultural inspections at the airport; (10) a new anti-bark collar; (11) extra grooming the day before because he rolled in a dead fish; (12) special entry fees; (13) certificates of health that were initially denied because they were signed in black ink but then accepted because our awesome veterinarian knew the drill and signed an extra copy in blue ink “just in case”; (14) a new blanket and chew toy; (15) and a notarized copy of everything. He mostly slept through the entire cycle of preparation.

Of course, like his fans, while we were on the plane eating our pretzel snacks we were very concerned about his sweet welfare, mixed with fears of him covered in some random forms of excrement when we picked him up or ending up in weeks of quarantine due to some error in paperwork or he’d need therapy for PTSD (Pet Travel Stress Disorder) and just the briefest moments of thinking he wasn’t worth the financial investment after the rolling in the dead fish episode. But the good news, in keeping with the theme of my RESILIENCY 4 TODAY BLOG, is that our beloved dog Max is very resilient. He arrived in great shape, and promptly ate his dinner from his special happy doggy bowl that we carried with us carefully wrapped in bubble wrap in our carry-on while eating on paper plates waiting for OUR dishes to arrive. He then fell sound asleep in his new fancy crate/bed as we collapsed on our leaky air mattresses waiting for OUR furniture to arrive. Unlike us he didn’t even notice the tsunami alert his first night here. So Yes, Max is resilient as heck and quickly adjusting to island life. But he has given us an occasional sideways glance that suggests being “cargo” was less than festive. We have noted his resiliency is enhanced by snuggles and dog biscuits. Our resiliency has been significantly enhanced by seeing the ocean every day and being “home” with Max sleeping nearby. Now… about our furniture…

Aloha from Dr. Vali

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