Resiliency4Today: Reminder

Happy New Year. Just wanted to put out one last reminder of the BUCK-A-BOOK offer for all my ebooks on my website at that ends January 7th. It was just a small gesture to push back against greed and craziness. Did you ever play on one of those old metal merry-go-rounds in a park as a kid? Remember how it went faster and faster and in order to stop it from spinning in one direction, everyone had to help slow it down? Then to change directions everyone (once the nausea passed) once again started small pushes in the opposite direction.  It took all the little sweet efforts to push back against the weight in order to change the direction and velocity it had acquired. Just do your small bit. It will matter.  Just push back against the madness a little bit each day.  Add a smile, a kind word, a generous moment, a bit of sweetness, art, heart, light…whatever ya got! It all matters. Aloha for now.  Dr. Vali  Happy 2016

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