Resiliency4Today: Water Seeks Its Own Level…so does Shiny!

Forgive me if I’m over blogging you this week… had to write this…I’ll be very brief. (Writers. What can I say?) So I’m at Ala Moana Mall… noting my spirit was waning a wee bit… and these 2 very fun young men at Zumiez…(you know who you are dudes)… these 2 young men had their “awesomeness” on and we bantered about this and that and they made me laugh and I made them laugh and my energy rose and rose… (Thanks guys) and then I go out the door and see an joyful elderly man pushing a baby stroller with a huge dog wearing reindeer antlers… made me laugh… and then later met a women who must have been 231 years old sitting calmly in a store filled with about 100 very crabby people who had to wait for service and take numbers (I was #53 when I got there they were on number #8) and when I sat by her she beamed a smile at me like fresh oxygen in a closed space and so I told her she had a world-class smile and she said it kept her young. And that’s exactly what I had thought when I saw her and I said to myself “I want that!” And so I breathed in that smile. And then I was thinking about Resiliency and what a crappy week some of the world had, you know, like somewhere every week, and then there were these people just shining…shining through! I’m convinced it wasn’t necessarily because they’d had any less of a crappy week… I have no idea… they were strangers… but they were ready READY to be shiny at the drop of a hat… soooo shiny! And so my shiny came back. Whew! Resiliency… getting your shiny back by seeking shiny in shiny people and places and ideas. Water seeks its own level. Shiny seeks shiny. Let’s do this!Aloha for Now

Dr. Vali

Tuesday November 17, 2015

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