Saturday November 14 Fan Letter to You and Paris

Another dastardly global tragedy.  Oh Paris. Ouch.

Here is what I shared with my coaching clients today:

I wanted to send out my thoughts knowing that sometimes such incidents can “trigger” old wounds and we don’t even know it until we are raging at our kids or partners or feeling sick and tired or depressed a week later and think it has something to do with the price of coffee.

My suggestion is to take a brief conscious moment to focus on this latest disaster in Paris and offer it up to your Higher Power (as you understand him/her) to manage it because it is much bigger than you (and me) When we bring it to conscious management, without falling into the abyss, or slipping down the slippery slope of it, we can apply our spiritual practice, whatever it may be, to deal with it…and our own feelings.  We have all had our own tragic traumas and this one isn’t yours…but you we all feel empathy and sympathy for the victims. You can also add your own recovery and resiliency consciousness to the mix by not joining in the fear or anxiety that is always generated in these times.  Add your Faith, Strength, and Resiliency to the stories you hear. Not to dismiss or minimize the horrors, but to add the notion of hope as one ingredient to the healing mix…that people and nations can rise above such acts of insanity.  You have. You know what you have done to survive the hard stuff in your life. You have faced some kind of insanity and are daily doing whatever it takes not move your furniture into that dark abyss!  While you are “standing strong” for Paris…remember you are also a hero in your own resiliency tale!

With love and aloha

Dr. Vali……11/14/2015

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