dynamic speaker

dynamic speaker

Dr. Vali’s “Been There Done That” approach had brought her the highest evaluations from groups as diverse as coroners and city and town clerks, CEO’s and Line Staff, medical students and machinists, acupuncturists and engineers.  Her unique style and humor, heart and soul presence, world class content and information, guarantees a memorable event. Audiences know the kind of authenticity speakers just can’t fake. This “guest speaker” will hit the mark with a combination of excellent user friendly content, engaging energy, humor, and wisdom. She has often been told that when she speaks, “people actually listen!”

“I was in a room of 2000 people and it felt like she was speaking just to me.” BA, Chicago, Ill.

“Dr. Vali has evolved from a “good speaker” to a phenomenal speaker!!!”
Robbie Atabaigi, MBCP, ITIL Foundation

A review of her client list will attest to her capacity to speak to a global audience and her broad list of topics testify to a wide range of experience and expertise.  She isn’t a one-size-fits-all speaker or consultant…and brings a fresh “story” to every event.

“As one of the chairpersons on the Hanford Office Professional’s Committee, it was my suggestion to bring Dr. Vali in to speak to several hundred Administrative Professionals during a two day conference. I was extremely pleased when Dr. Vali, not only wowed the groups, she was the only speaker who ranked superior in the evaluation submitted by the attendees. The best way I can describe Dr. Vali is; she’s like a great movie, the kind you like to go home and talk about for weeks on end.”
Suzi Vitulli, Executive Secretary, Fluor Hanford

Here are a few Top Ideas


  • Emotional Continuity Management Training*
  • The Drama Triangle Short-Workshop
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Everything Matters: Resiliency and Retention
  • Ways To Increase Persistence And Motivation
  • In The Trenches And Loving It
  • Getting Along or Moving Along: Career Survival 101
  • Other Customized Topics Available

*Contact Dr. Vali For Details


  • The Cost Of Emotions In Your Workplace: What Can You Absorb?
  • How to be Hero: A 1 Hour Workshop that Will Save You Millions
  • Put A Lid On The Snake Bucket: Release Toxic Employees Without Risk
  • Emotional Continuity Management Training*
  • Other Customized Topics Available

*Contact Dr. Vali For Details

Health Care Professionals:

  • Understanding Trauma and What Actually Changes the Patterns
  • What Happens When Your Patient Dies Anyway
  • Marathon Self Care For A Long Career In Medicine
  • Other Customized Topics Available

Military Veterans And Their Loved Ones:

  • Moving From Victim Through Survival To Thriving
  • Trauma Managed NOW Not After Years On The Couch
  • The Journey Matrix: Know Your Journey Know Yourself
  • Other customized Topics Available

Inspiration And Motivation And Faith:

  • Moving From Victim Through Survival and On To Thriving
  • Everything Matters: Making Everything Meaningful
  • Creating A Customized Daily Self Care Practice
  • Ending The Drama Triangle
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faith, Focus
  • Pete’s Bag: Moving From Victim, To Survivor, To Thriving
  • Trauma Transformation Through Quantum Poetry Method
  • Quantum Writing: Finding Meaning Through The Inky Tip Of Your Pen
  • The Journey Matrix: Know Your Journey Know Yourself
  • Trauma Management For Survivors And Their Loved Ones
  • Veterans And Families: Trauma Managed Now, Not Years On The Couch
  • Sacred Poetry Workshop: Transforming Your Faith Through Pen And Prayer
  • Other Customized Topics Available Upon Request

Other Popular Topics:

  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Changing Déjà Vu Performance Reviews
  • Conflict Management In 5 Minutes
  • Cost Of Emotions: Fiscal Auditing Emotions, Assessments And Documentations
  • Creating A Customized Daily Self Care Practice
  • Creating And Maintaining Positive Worksites
  • Creative Writing For Business Settings
  • Disasters: Plan The Unthinkable With Fire Extinguisher Thinking
  • Diversion and Anger Management Through Programmed Writing
  • Diversity And Cultural Issues: Positive Worksites
  • Doctors Taking Care Of Doctors
  • Dr. Vali’s Mental Health Survival First Aid Tool Kit
  • Emotional Continuity Management: System Wide Trainings©
  • Everything matters: Making It Meaningful
  • Fast And Easy Ethics And Diversity Trainings
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faith, Focus
  • Grace Under Pressure: Working Hard And Maintaining Your Grace
  • Grief And Workplace Emotions
  • Having A Soulful Workplace
  • Health Professional Issues
  • How To Survive For The Long Haul/Peer Team Building
  • HR Disaster Planning Strategies: For Managers/ HR Directors
  • Journal Writing For Conflict Resolution With Children And Teachers
  • Karpman Drama Triangle: No More Office Drama
  • Living Well With Pediatric Illness In The Family
  • Living Well With Physical Illness
  • Managing Employee Categories: Healthy, Dysfunctional, Pathological, Emotional Terrorist
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution/Marriage/Divorce/ Remarriage
  • Medical Professionals: What To Do When Your Patient Dies Anyway
  • Mental Health Tool Kit For Professional Nurses
  • No More Boredom At Work: Creativity And The Workplace
  • Nurses Need Help Too
  • Parenting /Step Parenting/ Parenting After Divorce
  • Pete’s Bag: Moving From Victim, To Survivor, To Thriving
  • Programmed Writing For Emergency Medical Professionals
  • Programmed Writing For Stress Management
  • Programmed Writing Programs For Diversion Programs: Adult And Juvenile
  • Resiliency And Retention: The Marathon
  • Respectful Workplaces
  • Sacred Writing: Finding God Through The Inky Tip Of Your Pen
  • Self Care For Resiliency And Retainability
  • Sexual Assault Survivors
  • Sexuality
  • Stress Reduction /Anger Management/Violence In The Workplace
  • Survival Guide: Tips For The Journey
  • The Journey Matrix: Know Your Journey Know Yourself
  • Topics In Health For Professionals And Patients
  • Trauma Management For Survivors And Their Loved Ones
  • Trauma Transformation Through Quantum Poetry Method
  • Understanding Workplace Violence
  • Using Poetry To Manage Anxiety
  • Warriors At Work
  • Workplace Change: Grief Doesn’t Take A Death

Partial Client List:

  • Chitari Foundation, Portland, Oregon
  • Private Residential Treatment Center for Women, Washington
  • New England Association of City & Town Clerks, Portland, Maine
  • Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Yakima, WA
  • Employee Assistance Professional Association Regional Meetings
  • Unity Center for Conscious Living, Honolulu, HI
  • Child and Family Services, Honolulu, HI
  • World Medicine Institute, Honolulu, HI
  • Energy Northwest, Tri-Cities, WA State
  • New England Association of City & Town Clerks, Oguincuit, Maine
  • Fluor Hanford, Richland, WA
  • EPICC (Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Disaster Recovery Journal, Orlando, San Diego
  • World Conference on Disaster Management, Toronto
  • International Internal Auditors Association, National
  • International Coroners and Medical Examiners
  • International Association of Security Professionals
  • International Association of Internal Auditors
  • International Association of Administrators
  • Association of International Architects
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Security Professionals Association, National
  • Multiple Sclerosis Association, National
  • American Red Cross, National, Regional, State, Local
  • Eli Lilly Corporation, National
  • Midwest Contingency Planners, Indianapolis, IN
  • BITSINFO.ORG (via Conference Call-Web Seminar)
  • Superior Courts of Washington State
  • Department of Social and Health Services, State of WA
  • Department of Social and Health Services, State of AZ
  • Department of Corrections, State of WA
  • Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Hanford Nuclear Industry Contractors, Regional
  • National Management Association, Regional
  • Basin Recreation District, Park City, Utah
  • Battelle Laboratories, Hanford Site
  • Bechtel Laboratories, Hanford Site
  • Washington State University
  • Columbia Basin College
  • Wenatchee Valley College
  • Lane Community College
  • Mohave Community College
  • Educational Service District
  • Cascade Title and Escrow Company
  • Banner Bank
  • HAPO Credit Union
  • Kadlec Medical Center
  • Kennewick General Hospital
  • Deaconess Medical Center
  • Mt. Hood Medical Center
  • Hillsboro Medical Center
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • Sunnyside Memorial Hospital
  • McMinnville General Hospital
  • Bay Area Hospital
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Vista Family Health Clinic
  • Family Dental Center
  • Greater Washington Multiple Sclerosis Association
  • Benton-Franklin County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Lakeside Women Service Organization
  • Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla County Fire Districts and EMS
  • Sexual Assault Response Center
  • Tri-Cities Counseling Association
  • Southwest Washington State Counseling Consortium
  • Baugh Business Services
  • Siuslaw Area Women’s Center
  • Private Confidential Consultations: New York School Districts, Federal Government Contractors, Schools, Educators, Day Care Centers, Artists, Physicians, Dentists, Clergy, Security, Nuclear Industry Contractors, and more.

(References are available if required, but many of my contracts are considered Confidential in Nature)


Dr. Vali will help you custom design a presentation to fit your event and audience. She offers a full range of fees so planners can work within most budgets. Call Dr. Vali at 808-397-1528 to determine your needs and so she can give you a quote.  Here are some things that go into the pricing:

What determines the fee:

  • Length of program you want
  • Style of program  (speech or training, workshop or consultation)
  • Number of bonus items and discounts applied
  • Occasion of the event (Annual conference, private celebration, etc.)

Length and Style Choices:

  • Keynotes: Usually between 45-90 minutes
    Workshops: 2 hours, half, or full day
  • Standard program: Pre-prepared and customized to audience
  • Custom designed: Designed to meet specific needs of an audience and event
  • Consultations: Fees vary according to needs, call for details
  • Customized sessions: Varies according to event

Bonus Items:

How can you put more value into your event? This list can be explained during the initial call and includes such things as:

  • Private Coaching sessions
  • Spiral bound resource guides in place of regular handouts
  • Development of content to match criteria for Continuing Education Unit credit hours
  • Freebies (Books, products, etc.)
  • PDF of PowerPoint to post on company websites
  • Additional articles or interviews for newsletters or publications
  • Other items available


  • Name your own price for a schedule return engagement
  • Access to emails for promo mailing list
  • Verified blog subscriptions
  • Video the event for Dr. Vali’s website
  • Book sale opportunities
  • Other promotional opportunities