The New Science of Me

(Written Upon the Untimely Death of My Daughter)


Quantum physics
cellular grieving
instinctive, primal, retching and screaming.
Sounds emit from my body which are organically raw,
animal not civilized.
Socialized me is gone for now as
I return to the primordial ooze of natures grandest event….
Only civilized mind finds it unholy.
For I have wept in the forests as I heard the trees scream in the face of losing their young, just like me.
And today they make dirge for me as I have sung the
holy songs “Waka-Paka-Hu” for their dead.

I Am All Mothers Now
I am all mothers.
The face of my grief falls into the dust of my carpeting.
The streets of Somalia and Egypt are no different
The dusts of Zaire are no different
The dirt of Bosnia is no different
The grit of South America is no different
The sands of Iraq are no different
The mud of Rwanda is no different
My snot soaked rug is all continents for
I am all mothers
Bleeding my tears to be lost in forever
Water the deserts to bloom in the spring with cactus thorns pulled from my wounded heart.
I am all mothers
crying for our children
for any reason


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