The YES People

This morning as I was stumbling about in my own shadows, I called upon Beauty, Hope, and Potential to guide my way through the day.  Then I remembered my YES people. Some have provided a YES with words, others with deeds, and a few by silently holding the door of YES open while I blundered about in the darkness of some annoying or seemingly terminal NO. My YES People have left a legacy of resiliency, beauty, hope and potential.  There are infinite opportunities for us to be YES people. Give yourself or someone a YES today, and see what happens:

Yes, you can.

Yes, try it, see what happens.


Yes, you are on track.

Yes, your dream is worth the effort.

Yes, I’m listening.

Yes, it’s worth a shot.

Yes, you are not alone.

Yes, you have value.

Yes, there is meaning in life.

Yes, you are more than you think you are.

Yes. Yes, you can.


Dr. Vali

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