Three Responses to Lesley Williams

I walked around the lake a million times and could never seize the shimmerings on the water for jewelry that I could wear. Each sparkling bead had become a vapor rosary of regret.
This morning that ancient lust broke my heart as I read words of a poet who had clearly harvested the light. I stopped walking and knelt at the shore.
Tears became diamonds that threw light on my soul. I became the lake.
I walked around the water edge a million times hoping to turn the shimmerings into a necklace of light.
Instead they had threatened to become a rosary of resentment.
I prayed alone.
Then I read a poet who had harvested those jewels and used alchemy to turn them into words.
Those diamond phrases cut through my solitary waiting to reveal that I had always been the ocean.
Beads of ocean light
Form the rosary of God.
Poets pray us free.

Three Responses to Lesley Williams Introduction in
Sourcebook in Expressive Arts Therapy

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